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High Performance Pool - Alma International General Trading

The Competitive Athlete – The Competitive High-Performance Endless Pool

‘High-Performance Endless Pool’ utilizes the same dual-propeller system as ‘Performance Endless Pool’ model. The ‘High-Performance Endless Pool’ is augmented by a 7.5-hp motor and upgraded pump, both standard and current maxes out at a competitive 1:00 / 100m pace. The result is a swim current that is quieter and more powerful, think of it as more stronger but silent.

Like the ocean currents, the High-Performance current is smooth, clear, robust, and warm but unlike ocean currents, you can control the current’s pace with the push of a button.

We install every ‘High-Performance Endless Pool’ or any Endless Pool indoor or outdoor, can be customized to suit any aesthetic, and has a fully adjustable current for beginner swimmers or aerobic resistance.

The High-Performance model adjusts higher, for a most vigorous challenges!

For more details contact us at +971 52 675 0591, or email us at alma_uae@hotmail.com.


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